White Eagle Down is a project created for the Global Game Jam 2022

We had 48 hours to create a game for this competition to then submit to be played by other participants.

The goal of the game is to explore the plane environment, that the player spawns on, to find items that allow you to complete objectives. The final objective being to "crash the plane"


When exploring the level the player can encounter these glowing brown boxes. These represent cargo boxes that the player can interact with to obtain items to be used throughout the game.

The glow effect was created using unity's Shadergraph package. Shadergraph is a visual scripting system for shaders and I used it to apply a glowing version of the fresenel effect to any object a material using this shader is applied to.


The same fresnel effect shader is also used for the glowing red "objective".

However, when the player interacts with these objects, they are not granted an item in their inventory. Instead, the objective manager checks the player inventory to see if they have the correct item to activate the objective.

If the player has the correct item they are given a notification that they've activated the console. However if not, they are told what item they need to retrieve from the cargo boxes to activate it.


Throughout the entire time the player is travelling through the level, the game manager is tracking 2 variables to see whether or not the player has won or lost the game.

  1. The time is left till the game is over. If this value reaches 0 the player loses the game.

  2. How many objectives the player has activated. If this reaches the amount specified in editor, the player wins the game.