This project was for a module called experimental games in which we were placed into teams and tasked with developing a unique game prototype that followed any of the following categories.

  1. Creating unexpected play experiences or promoting unique feelings within players through gameplay mechanics.

  2. Generative games, where the gameplay or world changes based on the choices the player makes.

  3. Emergent gameplay, where the game systems interact to provide surprising interactions.

  4. Innovative user interfaces.

  5. Novel multiplayer interactions.

We were able to use any game engine we wished to create the experience as long as the type of gameplay followed any of the above categories. Our team decided to a develop a game using the leap motion controller


During the first week of the module we were placed into the teams and I was made team leader for the group named “Team 15”. We were then tasked with creating a proposal for a game that we would present to the rest of the class and module tutors. As the team lead, I made contact with each member of the team and organised a meeting to discuss options for what we wished to do for the project. To ensure minimal conflict I got the team to discuss potential ideas and then I put each of them to a vote and whichever one we created our proposal for.


The result is Handball using the leap motion controller. A penalty shootout game where you flick the ball into the goal to see how many times you can score against the goalkeeper.

As well as my responsibilities as team leader I was also responsible for programming the following systems:

  • Audio Management

  • Football physics within unity

  • Flicking gesture recognition using the leap motion controller