Escape To Mars is a game where the player is in command of a rocket facility. The aim is to try and get the rocket to go as far as possible. The further it flies the more money the player earns to upgrade the rocket further.

This simple gameplay was chosen as the game was created as part of the UOG GameX game jam of 2021. As we had to complete the game within 27 hours I decided this hypercasual style of gameplay would be a perfect fit to allow a higher quality product in the short time.


When the player loads off of the main menu, they are presented with the image of their rocket and the upgrades screen. 

When they click launch the rocket has 2 main variables that affect the velocity it goes at, and therefore how far it can ultimately travel. The force produced by the thrusters and gravity. 

Every second the rocket is accelerated upwards by the thrusters and then straight afterwards it is accelerated downwards by the force of gravity. As long as the thrusters produce enough force to counteract gravity the rocket will continue to travel upwards.

When the rocket runs out of fuel, it continues to travel until gravity slows it down back to 0 m/s. At that point, we know the rocket will not be travelling any further and the distance travelled is calculated and converted into coins for the user to upgrade their rocket further.