Escape the invaders is a game where you play as a medieval knight that has to escape an attacking army and reach the castle in time.

Starting off as a game jam project, where my team was taking part in a competition to create a game to the "leave something behind" theme in a week, we wanted to keep the concept simple but fun.

Which is why we decided on making our game have 3 core features central to the gameplay.

  1. The has a character where they can upgrade him.

  2. There are arrows that fire at the player.

  3. The player can dodge those arrows.


To keep the gameplay simple for the player I decided that whenever the player is playing the game they just gain coins passively. So if they do better and get further along in the level they get more coins to spend on upgrades.

When upgrading health the player is simply able to take more hits from arrows before they die and have to try again. Stamina is used by the player to move left and right on the screen to dodge arrows. So when it is upgraded they are able to dodge arrows for a longer period of time.


Having made it so that players gain coins to upgrade their character means that whether the player is a novice or pro, they can have fun.

The more they fail the more they can upgrade their character which will make it easier for them to complete the level in the end and feel like they are progressing.