Unreal Mechanics Sandbox


This Unreal Mechanics Sandbox started off as a university assignment. For which we were required to demonstrate understanding of the Unreal Engine and C++ by implementing a minimum of 5 distinct mechanics.
      - Each mechanic had to be implemented in C++ with            minimal visual scripting used.
      - Each mechanic had to be showcased in an individual           level.
      - The project had to include a "hub" level in which                  any "player" of the project could transport                            themselves to each of the test levels.                                   (The screenshot on the right is from the hub level.)

Puzzle Level_edited.jpg

When creating each mechanic, and level to display them in, I went through a number of steps. First I decided what mechanic I should create. Second, I broke down what systems were needed for that mechanic. Third, I checked if there was any other sub-mechanic or another mechanic that could use this system to demonstrate what it can do.

For example in the screenshot on the left, you can see the "Puzzle Mechanics" level. In this level, the first thing I made was a simple push a box into a ditch to cross it mechanic. But then I realised I could also use a smaller version of the box as a key for a door so I then created a button mechanic that was pressed when a box was pushed into it and then a door that would check its selected button and when it was activated the door would open.

Door Level.png

There is also a teleporter included inside of each level so that when the player wants to return to the hub level from whatever level they are currently inside of, they can. On some levels, this is included past an obstacle, such as in the puzzle mechanics level, and in other levels, the hub teleporter is freely accessible from the start.