This was a group project for a university assignment in which we were tasked with working together to create a 2D or 3D "Party Game" using the Unity game engine.

The game had to have the following features:

  • The game must be locally playable by at least 2 players.

  • The game must support gamepad/controller input.

  • The game must be adversarial (i.e. players or teams of players against one another, not cooperative).

  • The game should contain a full gameplay loop (i.e. a menu, gameplay and a win/loss state).


As designated team lead for our group I was responsible for making sure our team remained organised and achieved our goals on time. Using various project management solutions, such as Trello and git, as well as regular team meetings to keep everyone up to date we managed to create a fully-fledged party game within 3 months during covid lockdown conditions.

In addition, I was the one responsible for creating a variety of systems within the game. These were:

  • Audio management.

  • The tournament management system.

  • Player spawning and selection.

As well as the above systems I also helped when and if my team members needed assistance debugging code or integrating their systems with another. Such as detecting when a player's health gets too low and passing off that information to the tournament manager.